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Welcome to 
Data Titan 101

where data comes to life

To help you go from boring ...

to Beautiful and Amazing 

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We came up with

We offer amazing workshops focusing on your daily data needs.

 Ranging from simple amateur data analysis to full blown automated dashboards, we cater all your needs.

Workshops crafted specially for you

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Catering all kinds of data needs, these series of workshops are meticulously curated for each and every working professional

Data Analysis using R

Analyze and Visualize data like never before

  • Beginners

Business Dashboards using R

Design and deploy your own dashboards using Shiny

  • Intermediate

IPL Analytics using R 

7 Day workshop on

  • Everyone

Full stack automation

Analyze and visualize hundreds of different types of data.

Make complex shiny web apps with auto-generated downloadable reports 

3 reasons to choose us

we are NOT TEACHERS by profession

We are working professionals who are experts in their domain

and we have a passion to teach

we teach LIVE

We believe in personal touch and love to interact and discuss queries on the go 

* recorded content will also be available on demand

its never about the THEORY 

We have often realized - what we learn and what are roles demand are totally different

To bridge this gap we have methodically structured our courses to ONLY take real world scenarios and hence learn while we implement

take a minute to read reviews from across the industry 


Naman, Cyber Risk Senior Consultant

@ Deloitte

The IPL analytics workshop has given me an immense boost of confidence in my data solving capabilities. Being from a totally different domain, I enjoyed the ease with which everything was taught and I never knew that data handling could be this fun


Shivam, Cloud Support Associate


I always wanted to explore the data world. The cricket workshop was the perfect platform for me to make the switch. Talking about cricket analysis was like cherry on top of the cake. It was amazing fun to analyze data like that.

10/10 recommend


Harshil, Analyst

@Benori Knowledge

I learned R from start over here.

My everyday work tasks included 80 % excel and there are always some things which are way too complicated to manage. Learning data analysis using  R has made my work so much easier. Working in R is so straightforward and I absolutely love it now

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