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7 Day Workshop on
Advanced Cricket Analysis

No coding background required!

Cricket Analysis using R Programming.png

Live Sessions

All the 7 sessions will be live and interactive

Timings will be 9-10 pm to accommodate working professionals

* We have provisions for those who miss any class

Free data worth rs 10,000

Free ball by ball IPL data for everyone enrolled

10 seasons of ball by ball IPL data meticulously curated from sources available in any format of choice (csv, excel, json ... etc)

KIck start your
career as a data analyst

Cross platform methodology

Methods taught in the workshop will help you analyze any kind of data you encounter

ADmission requirements

Being Passionate is the only requirement

To the point methodology of teaching from the instructors will help beginners as well as professionals to deeply understand each concept

Glimpse of what you will learn

Who is this workshop for ?  

Specially curated across domains

helmet image.png

Each and every sports fan

Anyone who loves watching cricket or any other sport in general should absolutely experience this workshop

Visual Chart Page Iteration 5.png

Aspiring Data Analysts

Someone who loves dealing with data should definitely be a part of this workshop as this will not only cover cricket data but general practices across many domains

Dark Blue and Red Books Library Signs Po

College Students

Everywhere I go I see is data (Kudos if you got the reference) 

For all the college students - what better than to make a hands on project on something that you love and is in the highest demand

Ivory Illustrated Brain Hiring

Anyone who wants to upskill and shift from EXCEL 

Everyone knows that people only use excel these days because of its deep penetration.

Stand out by learning how to analyze data in R. 

What fun it is to analyze your loving sport while learning new state of the art techniques to handle data

Why Choose this workshop ? 

Give us any question and we will show you how to solve it LIVE


Example - Want to do a data driven powerplay analysis of Virat Kohli and compare with Rohit Sharma ?

We will start from scratch and do live analysis and compare our results with companies like iplt20, cricbuzz or espncricinfo


Shivam, Cloud Support Associate

I've always wanted to explore the data world. This workshop was the perfect platform for me to make the switch. Talking about cricket was like cherry on top of the cake. It was fun to analyze data like that

10/10 recommend


Shantam, Risk Analyst
@ EY India

I've been doing advanced excel since the last 3 years and after attending this workshop I realized how powerful R is.

Plus I have been an avid cricket fan since I was a kid and I loved how seamlessly everything was explained in this workshop.

Looking forward to other workshops that Data Titans offer


Ayush, Business Development Associate

Learning R was super easy. 

Hands on coding was never my forte and I didn't really like it in my college days but I enjoyed every bit of this workshop. What helped me was that I was familiar with the cricket matches that we were working on which gave me great confidence, thanks to the crystal clear explanations on each topic

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